About 'Collection 02: Bright New York x Corey Jonze'



A collection between Bright New York and artist Corey Jonze.


Blending a wide range of influces from Japanese comic books, camouflages, and graffiti - Corey Jonze's work, traditionally expressed as oil-on-canvas paintings, captures a color and energy that is undeniably 'bright'. 


Jonze credits Roy Lichtenstein and Leiji Matsumoto, among others, as inspiration.  Corey finds himself analyzing details from within backgrounds of internationally-sourced comics, exploring scale and proportion - allowing the singular shapes to transform into something that feels entirely new. "Sometimes I'll sketch a shape and evolve it in my sketchbook over years until it's ready" - each form is meticulously considered. 







This exclusive collaboration explores the possibilities of the work as it translates across styles, each taking on its own materiality and character. From the impossibly smooth print execution on the molded plywood of the skateboard deck, to the perforated metal of the bluetooth speaker, to the embroideries throughout - this collection is a celebration of texture and material.  



Enjoy the daily luxury of a piece from the Bright New York x Corey Jonze collection.
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